Stephanie Warm, LCSW



Do I need therapy?
Only you can decide that. Some people are more imminently in need of therapy, in the sense that they might have a difficult time functioning without this type of support/treatment. Others may not necessarily "need" therapy but may obtain great benefit from doing so, for a number of reasons that are specific to the particular individual. Generally, growth and self-awareness may be sought. 
What happens during therapy?
Everyone's experience of therapy will be different. Whenever you put two people together, a unique experience occurs. Most often, therapy will consist of talking. You may be someone who can easily speak throughout the session, with me taking more of a back-seat and perhaps helping you to draw connections among ideas or to come to recognize something new. You may be someone who needs some more active facilitation. As we come to know each other, we will figure out a rhythm. This may change over time. Some teenagers might like to engage in art during sessions. 
Medication vs. therapy
Medication alone cannot resolve emotional or psychological concerns. However, in some cases, it may help. If you are seeing a psychiatrist, I can collaborate with that person, with your permission. 
How many sessions will it take?
I will work with you on ongoing basis. I think that ongoing, long-term work is more beneficial. That said, you may opt to see me for a briefer period, and we can discuss this. If you start see me and decide not to continue with me for long, I encourage you to share your concerns with me rather than simply run.
How often do sessions occur?
I prefer to see you at least once per week. In some cases, it might be beneficial to engage in twice weekly sessions. For the most part, I do not prefer to see people less frequently than weekly, but we can discuss this if there might be particular circumstances that would warrant this arrangement. 




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